A Beauty Salon for Your Eyes

Look not in my eyes, for fear

Thy mirror true the sight I see,

And there you find your face too clear

And love it and be lost like me.

One the long nights through must lie

Spent in star-defeated sighs,

But why should you as well as I

Perish? gaze not in my eyes …

 – E. Housman

Lovely experience. I normally don’t use google maps for beauty advice, but in this case it worked beautifully! Surprisingly good pricing, which was a bonus. I’d be happy to visit the salon again and again. P.S. I think I chose it for the name.

Last name, First name

I have already recommended Crystal to a friend. She now goes to Crystal all the time and raves about it.

Last name, First name

Crystal, I use my eyes to take in the beauty around me and you make my eyes look good!

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